Change the way of the blog

By | October 26, 2018

Unfortunately for some time, I did not write any new blog posts. Reasons are more, in any case since the last post I had time to think, study and learn new things.

And I have come to the conclusion that I will change the direction of this blog. I still want to write a series on the development of mobile apps, but since I’ve seen one of the best languages of the last time, the shot will hopefully be wider than I originally planned.

And maybe you’re already thinking where I’m going … Yes correctly – Kotlin! When I read Kotlin for the first time, I thought it was “just” such modified Java, but it’s more, much more. And above all, using Kotlin, you can program not only mobile applications but desktop applications as well as sites. In fact, everything that can be done with Java can also be programmed in Kotlin (plus the use of Java and Kotlin), but more readable, faster and with fewer errors. And for mobile applications, development is possible not only for Android but also for iOS – Kotlin / Native. It’s a beta, but I think it’s enough now.

Kotlin is also called Swift for Android, and if you try to find something about it, you will usually find yourself in the same positives and perhaps almost no negatives. I believe you are looking forward to the development of Kotlin – for Android, iOS and eventually the development of websites and desktop applications.

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