Hello World in Kotlin

Hello World in Kotlin. Classical first sample application when teaching a new programming language. In this case, in Kotlin for Android.

Kotlin versus Swift

Although he has not begun the Kotlin series and Android development in Kotlin, I have found a comparison of the syntax of Kotlin vs Swift.

Introduction to Kotlin

Introduction to Kotlin – history of Kotlin, properties of Kotlin and what can be done using Kotlin. It is only theory, but it’s fine to know about Kotlin.

Change the way of the blog

I have come to the conclusion that I will change the direction of this blog. I still want to write a series on the development of mobile apps, but since I’ve seen one of the best languages of the last time – Kotlin.

Tweeting from WordPress

Anyone who has a blog and wants him to be successful (that means a lot of reading) should promote his blog on social networks. One of the most famous is Twitter. And so the author of the blog does not have to create a new tweet after writing each article/post, so there’s a plugin for WordPress called WP to Twitter.

Android Studio Emulator finally for AMD CPU

Hello, so owners of AMD processors (probably the most affected Ryzen processors) have finally come to terms. Google released yesterday in a Stable Release channel Android Studio Emulator with support for AMD processors. Intel processors have long been supporting virtualization with HAXM, and Android emulator for AMD uses Hyper-V. More info on Android developers blog.… Read More »

Getting Started

Hello everybody, I decided to end up with the freelancer site for mobile app development and instead start writing a blog about mobile app development. Why not just Android apps? Because I decided to write about the development of cross-platform applications – ie Android and iOS. Soon the first part of the series will be… Read More »