Hello World in Kotlin

Hello World in Kotlin. Classical first sample application when teaching a new programming language. In this case, in Kotlin for Android.

Kotlin versus Swift

Although he has not begun the Kotlin series and Android development in Kotlin, I have found a comparison of the syntax of Kotlin vs Swift.

Introduction to Kotlin

Introduction to Kotlin – history of Kotlin, properties of Kotlin and what can be done using Kotlin. It is only theory, but it’s fine to know about Kotlin.

Change the way of the blog

I have come to the conclusion that I will change the direction of this blog. I still want to write a series on the development of mobile apps, but since I’ve seen one of the best languages of the last time – Kotlin.

Android Studio Emulator finally for AMD CPU

Hello, so owners of AMD processors (probably the most affected Ryzen processors) have finally come to terms. Google released yesterday in a Stable Release channel Android Studio Emulator with support for AMD processors. Intel processors have long been supporting virtualization with HAXM, and Android emulator for AMD uses Hyper-V. More info on Android developers blog.… Read More »

Getting Started

Hello everybody, I decided to end up with the freelancer site for mobile app development and instead start writing a blog about mobile app development. Why not just Android apps? Because I decided to write about the development of cross-platform applications – ie Android and iOS. Soon the first part of the series will be… Read More »